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    Adding deployment.environment to Grafana Faro traces

    One of the great things about OpenTelemetry is the standardisation of span attributes and resource attributes.
    An example of this is deployment.environment.

    AttributeTypeDescriptionExamplesRequirement Level
    deployment.environmentstringName of the deployment environment (aka deployment tier).staging; productionRecommended

    Source: https://opentelemetry.io/docs/specs/semconv/resource/deployment-environment/

    With Grafana Faro you can configure the environment, as I explained in my blog post about the setup of Grafana Faro. This adds environment to the setup. In my technical deep dive blog post I explained that the data is sent as logs and as traces. The logs include the environment attribute which you can find that as app_environment attribute. But the information is not available in the traces stored in Tempo.

    Adding deployment.environment to traces

    It is very easy to add deployment.environment to traces as well.

    webTracingScript.onload = () => {
            new window.GrafanaFaroWebTracing.TracingInstrumentation({
                resourceAttributes: {
                    "deployment.environment": "production"

    That is what I added to the Hugo Faro Analytics module:

    Git commit

    This is the result:

    traces with deployment environment

    trace details

    Span metrics per environment

    With this as a result, you can create dashboards where you can distinguish between the different environments. And if you use span metrics, it is possible to split the metrics of the environments with the dimensions configuration.

    [ Update Januari 8th 21:30 CET ]
    I created a pull request to make it part of the Faro Web SDK https://github.com/grafana/faro-web-sdk/pull/453

    [ Update Januari 10th 11:45 CET ]
    PR has been approved and merged and will be default from the next release onward.

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