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Observability enthusiast and Grafana Champion, always looking for ways to improve software with better observability and what new insights can be gained. Delivering reliable software is always my priority. Combining existing tools often results in new ways to get an even better view. I work for OpenValue as a software engineer and SRE.
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    • Grafana Scenes can enhance your experience with Grafana dashboards by bringing observability data together and guiding users to the right data. Combining metrics, traces and logs helps to understand the actual behavior of a system. That is the goal of observability. If a dashboard or an app created with scenes does not give the right insights, then still the explore feature of Grafana is available to dive into all data available searching for the unknown-unknown.

      Sat, 02 Mar 2024 16:42:44 +0100

    • With Grafana Scenes it is possible to create more than just dashboards. There are options to create dashboards that guide the user. Deep dives with drill down pages can help to analyse problems. And with a feature like time range comparison it is even possible to use a feature that is not available with normal dashboards. But how do you start developing with Grafana Scenes? One trend is to develop remotely, rather than on your local machine.

      Fri, 15 Dec 2023 21:45:00 +0100

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